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Metal Cut Off Saws

The chop saw is available in either the abrasive disc type or the TCT blade type the blades are no interchangeable between machines. The abrasive type of chop saw creates sparks and the discs are quick to wear down, the TCT bladed type are spark free, the blades last a long time but are far more expensive to replace.

The metal chop saw is often confused with the mitre saw not in looks but in the steel industry the abrasive disc cut off saw is simply called a chop saw, and in the woodworking industry the electric mitre saw is also known as a chop saw. This is due to the action that they both use and that is they cut down through the steel or wood. You can not use either saw to cut both so care must be taken when ordering this type of saw.

Theses are our range of metal cutting machines which can be called chop saws, cut off saws or abrasive disc cutters.

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